How to use an Appliance Dolly

Moving appliances can be simple when you use the right tools. The Appliance Dolly is the easiest choice when moving refrigerators, washers, stoves and other heavy appliances because it has straps to secure your appliance and rub rails to protect the finish.  It also makes it easier to take the appliance up and down the stairs.  It has a few more components then some of the other dollies, so we’re going to go through some tips on how to use an appliance dolly.


  • Size up and check the condition of the appliance you are trying to move.
  • Secure the appliance with the security strap.
  • Lift with your legs.
  • Make a path before you start moving to prevent tripping on something or getting stuck.
  • Use an appliance dolly when moving large appliances


  • Don’t move large appliances by yourself. Always have a moving buddy! The appliance can fall on you or you can hurt yourself trying to lift it.
  • Don’t lift anything by using your back; use your legs. Keep your back straight and squat down to the object.  Then slowly make your way back upright.
  • Don’t move anything without first securing the strap around the appliance.

Steps to use an Appliance Dolly:

Step 1: Clear a path to your final destination (remove cables, rocks, junk etc.) Measure ahead of time to see if your doorways are wide enough for your appliance. Some large refrigerators will require you to remove the door or maybe just the door handles to get through a tight spot. There is nothing more frustrating than dragging your refrigerator, only to get stuck at a doorway because you don’t fit!

Step 2: Move the dolly up to the edge of the appliance, push the appliance up and slide the dolly underneath it.~ Always load your appliances from the side, not the back. The sides have a smooth even surface that will sit nicely against the dolly rub rails allowing you to strap it more securely. And you avoid the risk of damaging any of the mechanical components that are usually positioned on the back of appliances.
Step 3: Make sure the appliance resting on the bottom plate of the dolly while snug against the rub rails. While it is upright and stable, take the black strap and bring it around the appliance. Keep the black strap straight, positioned near the center of the appliance.

appliance dolly

Step 4: Secure the strap snugly with the “D-rings,” which is much like fastening a d-ring style belt. Then finish tightening the strap around the appliance by turning the handle left to right to lock it into place. The handle is that “S- shaped” vertical rod that adds the final amount of tension to the strap to keep it secure.
Step 5: If you are moving something as big as a refrigerator you will probably need a moving buddy to help load it onto the truck. Have them push the appliance as you pull the refrigerator on the dolly backwards up the ramp of the truck .

appliance dolly

Step 6: Once you have cleared a path, loaded your appliance onto the dolly, and secured it with the strap, you are ready to roll it into the moving truck (or out of it).

Always remember safety first and do not push your body to do something it shouldn’t! If you need extra help for your move you can request moving helpers. For more guidance you can watch the video tutorial.

Have you moved an Appliance? How did you do it? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below!