Packing Planner: Packing a 3 Bedroom Home

packing infographic

In our last post of the Packing Planner series, we gave insight on how to pack a studio apartment. For this post, we will cover how to pack a three-bedroom home.

Packing a three-bedroom home is simple when you work room by room and break down the process. When deciding what moving supplies you’ll need for a home with multiple rooms, think back to the basic items that make up each room. The infographic on the left shows the basic list of items to be packed from these individual rooms. Sometimes it helps to picture the floor plan of your home in your mind before beginning to pack.  Check out some of the resources below to make your move easier:

Moving Supply Calculator

This calculator allows you to plug in details such as “how many bedrooms” and “how many people in the household”.  It takes these details and calculates what moving supplies you will need for your move. It also allows you to have the supplies shipped to you, or for you to pick them up at your nearest store. Give this calculator a try here.

Moving Help®

If planning and labor sound like too much, Moving Helpers® will save the day. Hire Moving Help® to handle all the aspects of your move that you just don’t have time for.

Once you have your moving supply plan, here are some additional packing resources for you to review.

What were your experiences with packing a house with multiple rooms? Do you have tips for other DIY movers? Let us know below!