The Convenience of Portable Storage

U-Box Portable StorageIf you’ve ever used portable storage, you know that it can serve a variety of purposes and also saves time. Here is a breakdown of the convenience of portable storage:

When does portable storage come in handy?

  • When you are moving from one home to another
  • When you are in between homes and need to store items temporarily
  • When you have no room in your home for extra furniture and other belongings
  • When your home is being renovated

Why are  U-Box containers the better portable storage option?

Moving Help

  • Great care is taken in the construction of U-Box containers to make sure that materials are breathable for long-term storage.
  • The cover that encases the U-Box container is weather-resistant to ensure that belongings are protected in extreme weather conditions.
  • Since the U-Box container is self-contained, it can be transported from place to place. No need to spend time loading or unloading items multiple times!

How convenient are U-Box containers?

  • U-Box containers can be delivered a few different ways. Due to how compact they are, U-Box containers can be hitched and towed by a car or truck. They can even be towed by a U-Haul truck with a trailer.
  • To add to the convenience, Moving Help® can deliver and load the U-Box container for you. Moving Helpers® in your area will pick up the U-Box container and deliver it right to your house. They can also load it for you.
  • Moving Helpers® often have a lot of practice loading and unloading U-Box containers which often means they will be able to fit more into your U-Box container than you might be able to by doing it yourself. When you are ready, Moving Helpers® will transport the U-Box container to a U-Haul center for storage or shipping. If you want your items delivered straight to your new location,  Moving Helpers® can do that also.

Is there a time when portable storage saved you time? Tell us about it in the comments below!