How To Move When Sick

So you’re feeling under the weather coughing up a storm, but you’re scheduled to move out of your old place and into your new home. Moving requires a lot of energy, and right now your battery is drained out; however, moving when not feeling 100% is possible. Here’s how to move when sick.

Packing Up

You’re not going to get any better unless your body is resting. If you’ve yet to pack, it’d be best to try to move your moving in date (including your moving truck reservation date), but if that’s not possible it’s best that you call in for Sick On Moving Dayhelp. Because you’re not feeling well, it’s okay to let go of the reins. Let others pack for you. If you’d like to be in full control, hire Moving Help! With them, you’ll be working with moving professionals who will pack every belonging for you.

Moving Helpers on Moving DayLoading a Moving Truck/U-Box Container

It’s best that you avoid doing any heavy lifting, which includes moving furniture onto your moving truck or U-Box container. Carrying all of those boxes won’t help your body either. Make sure you inform your Moving Helper how many furniture pieces they’ll have to move, the size of your moving truck (or how many U-Box containers you’ll have), the total number of boxes you’ll have, and how to navigate around your home or apartment community (are there stairs involved?). Whatever you can do to communicate with your Moving Helpers will make the process even easier.

Moving Helpers U-BoxUnloading At Your New Home

Finally, you’ve made it to your new home, even though you’re still not feeling well. The good news is that you’re almost done with moving, and you’ve got help who will unload the moving truck while you go into your home and set up minor things (like set the temperature and turn lights on). Make sure that you tell your helpers where you’d like certain boxes and furniture set at. They’re there to help unpack as well, which means you’ll be able to rest more. Just make sure to give them clear directions so that they know how to help you. Once everything is unpacked from the moving truck or U-Box container, Moving Help will return the equipment to the facility.

You’ve had your moving day planned out months in advance, and you didn’t expect to end up sick on moving day, so hiring Moving Helpers will allow you to rest while still completing your move in duties! Looking for Moving Helpers in your area? Click here!

Have you moved while sick? How was it? What did you do about it? Did you hire Moving Helpers? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!