How To Refill Your Propane Tank

Why refill your propane tank instead of exchanging it? Refilling your propane tank can be cheaper than an exchange at a gas station, and you can be sure of exactly how much propane you are getting. Refilling a propane tank is fast and easy. Here’s how you do it.

1. Make sure that the valve to your propane tank is closed tightly.

Transporting a propane tank2. Load it safely in your vehicle.

If you have a pickup truck then secure it so it won’t move around in the bed of the truck. For all other vehicles, place your propane tank upright in the foot-well of your back seat. You can ensure that it won’t move around by using a towel or moving pad to cushion it, or place it in a cardboard box. Make sure your propane tank always remains upright.

3. Roll down your rear windows.

Keeping good ventilation is important in case your tank valve comes open during transport, or if your valve or tank are broken.

4. Drive to your nearest convenient propane refill station.

There is probably a propane refilling station much closer to you than you might think. You can find your nearest propane refill station here.

5. Take your propane tank to the refill station and set it down near the pump.

Do not take it into the store or leave it in your vehicle.

Refilling a propane tank at U-Haul6. Alert an attendant to help you.

If you are not greeted directly at the propane refill station, you may need to go inside to alert an attendant who will then refill your propane tank. They will inspect your tank for safety and then fill it. This process should take no more than a couple of minutes.

7. Pay and return home!

Besure to observe steps 1-3 when loading your propane tank back into your vehicle.

8. Fire up your grill or propane heater and enjoy!

How do you get your propane? Do you exchange or refill your propane tank? Let us know in the comments.