Moving to College 101: Shipping Direct and More

Congratulations on your decision to pursue higher education! You must be thrilled to embark on your next big chapter in life: moving to college! From shipping direct to checklists and more, these tips will make your move a bit easier:

Direct Shipping when Moving to CollegePacking

If you’ve never moved out on your own before, you may be perplexed on what to bring. You might ask yourself, “Do I bring everything?”, “Will I need winter, summer wear or both?” or “What furniture should I bring?” Consider these packing tips before making your choice on what to bring and what to leave behind:

  • Only bring the essentials! Your dorm room will be smaller than you might imagine. You can always purchase what you need when you get there or you may decide to take advantage of direct shipping options to send things from home or your dorm.
  • Take advantage of checklists! There are many college move-in checklists that will give you an idea of what you’ll need for your dorm. Make sure you know what is allowed at your college’s specific residence hall. Some college dorms prohibit microwaves, hotplates or specific furniture in the dorm room.

Moving In box

College move-in day is an exciting time for new students and their families. However, in the midst of the excitement, it may become stressful to coordinate the moving details. This tips will help you develop a move-in day game plan:

  • Go with a service! Take advantage of services like Ship to School, an option offered by Collegeboxes. They will ship your boxes and packing materials for you. After you’re all packed up,  a carrier will pick up your belongings to ship and store them until you’re ready to move in. Your goods will be in your dorm room without you lifting a box!
  • Enjoy your family! Shipping direct will allow you to spend the little time you have left with your family before you embark on your college journey.

College Suite MatesDo some research

Make the most of your time by researching information about your school. Look for information on your campus and the residence hall communities. Connect with the people around you! Here are some ways you can do that:

  • Make a date! Look out for residence hall and school events that you can plan to attend.
  • Make new friends! Get to know your neighbors on your floor – you’ll be seeing a lot of them throughout the academic year!
  • LIKE it! Follow and ‘LIKE’ your school’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. Do this for your dorm and residence hall social pages as well.
  • Explore! Go out and explore the city.

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

Do you have any tips for moving into your college dorm? Tell us below!