Using a Cargo Van for Storage Transportation

Using a Cargo Van for Storage Transporation

Not every move is a big move that requires a moving truck. For smaller jobs, such as moving a few items to a storage unit nearby, using a cargo van for storage transportation is ideal! Cargo vans keep your items safe from any weather conditions and are spacious enough to even fit a queen sized mattress.

Step 1: To start, park the cargo van in a convenient and spacey area for loading. While moving make sure you keep the keys on you or in a safe location. You don’t want to leave the cargo van unattended, especially not with the keys in the ignition.

Step 2To load the van properly arrange the items by putting heavy and sturdy items on the bottom layers while light and fragile items go on top. Anything that is an awkward shape should also be put on the top. Loading a cargo van is a lot like playing Tetris!

Step 3: Tie down the items to secure them into place. Don’t forget to place protective material like bubble wrap or pads on items that you’ll want to protect from nicks and scratches.

Step 4: Once all boxes and furniture have been loaded onto the van, make sure you can safely close the doors. If you can’t close the doors, don’t force it; take a little time to rearrange some items or make multiple trips. Also, before closing the doors make sure all of your items are stable to avoid everything spilling out once the doors are opened.

You are now ready to be on your way to your storage unit!   Even though cargo van moves are smaller, you may still need help loading or unloading.   No moving buddy? No problem! Moving Help can be booked to help with even these small tasks. Whether you are loading or unloading be sure to make it fun for your moving buddies and yourself!

Do you have any tips for loading or unloading a cargo van? Leave your tips in the comments below!