Split Dispatch for an Auto Transport and Moving truck

Your planning your next BIG move and everything must go…EVERYTHING! Your belongings, family and personal vehicle. So you’ll probably need to move your belongings in a moving truck and tow your personal vehicle on an auto transport. Here are a few tips for if you are considering this option.

Auto Transport

Auto Transport vs. Tow Dolly

AT and TD
The Auto Transport (left) is ideal for long-distance moves and the Tow Dolly (right) is great for both In-Town and One-Way moves.

Once you have selected your moving truck, next will be to choose how to move your personal vehicle. There are two options, a tow dolly or an auto transport.  The main difference between the two is the Two Dolly will only carry two wheels whereas the Auto Transport carries the entire vehicle.

Split dispatch: Pick up your moving truck first

One of the easiest ways to execute this type of move is to pick up your moving truck first at your scheduled location. After your belongings are loaded in the moving truck, you can then return back to your pick up location and load up your personal vehicle on the Auto Transport.

If you prefer to pick up both moving equipment at the same time, it will be more challenging to load your belongings because your towed vehicle and trailer will be in the way.

Check out some How To videos if you are not familiar with loading your vehicle on to the Auto Transport or Tow Dolly.

All that is left is the open road and the journey to your new home!

How did you accomplish your move with a moving truck and auto transport? What ideas can you share to help make your move easier? Share in the comment section below.