Moving Fun With Pets

Our pets keep us company, they keep us laughing and they keep us on our toes; but moving from your old home to a new home can be a hard time for your pet. They may even be confused with their new surroundings, so it’s your job to instead help them see it as new exploration grounds. After you’ve safely moved them, help them adjust by recycling moving supplies to add a new twist to playtime! This is how to have moving fun with pets!

An A-maze-ing Idea

Boxes are everywhere when you’ve just finished a move. Why throw them away when you can use them to create a maze for your furry friends? What you’ll need for this project is all your boxes, tape, a large space and your pet. Open up all the boxes (including the flaps), and begin with the first box by taping one end of it (the flaps) to another box. Make sure to re-enforce all the conjoined sides with plenty of tape. Continue adding a new box  twisting the flaps to create a curve. You can also add boxes to different sides of the maze to create more entrances for your pets to go through.  Continue doing this, adding a box in a different direction for it to get its maze shape. Difficulty level and time consumption (on a scale of 1-5): 2.

Dog Maze U-Haul Boxes

Doggy House*

Your pet is probably tired from all of the moving chaos, so it’s not a bad idea to make them a bed, or even a whole house. You’ll need two boxes, a box cuter, and tape.

Stage 1: Begin by building a box, this will function as the main part of the house. Close one side of it with tape, and open up the flaps at the top. Take a second cardboard box and flatten it out, and bend it in half, this will make a “v” shape with it. Place it on top of the bottom box, and tape them together. Now take the flaps of the “v” cardboard and bend them backwards taping them with plenty of tape. Spin the box around, and with a box cutter cut the other flaps in the back of the “v” cardboard box. Using the same box cutter, take the front of the box and cut an entrance for your pet to fit through.

(*This doghouse is to be used indoors only)

Dog House U-Haul Boxes

Stage 2: Now that the hardest part has been completed, you’ll need some cushioning for the dog house. Take leftover packing peanuts and place them at the bottom of the box. Then, take bubble wrap and fold it to fit in the box. Now your pet’s new dog house is complete! They’ll be curious to go in, so encourage them to explore their new cardboard home! Feel free to add a “dog” sign too! Difficulty level and time consumption (on a scale of 1-5): 4.

Dog House U-Haul Boxes

Have you used moving supplies to have playtime with your pets? What did you make for them? Which supplies did you use? Did your pets have fun? Share your ideas in the comments section below!