Moving to Houston

Tips on Moving to Houston

According to U-Haul migration trends, Houston has stolen the number 1 spot for the Top U.S. Destination cities for five years running! With the diversity, sports, jobs, and great real estate pricing,  there’s no surprise there! If you plan on moving to Houston, aka Space City, consider these tips before you take off:

Things to Do

H-Town is bustling with plenty of things to do and culture to experience. The city acted as a place of refuge for those who suffered from Hurricane Katrina. Even in this tragedy, something good came of it. There are many cultural contributions that were left from those native to New Orleans.  When you’re getting around Houston, grab a map to help navigate your way around. You’ll want to get to know the specific traffic patterns so you know what roads to avoid and when.

If sports are your thing, you’re headed to the right place! Aside from NHL (sorry hockey fans!), every major professional sport is represented in Houston. The following sports leagues call this city their home: MLB – The Astros, NBA – The Rockets, NFL – The Texans, MLS – The Dynamo, and NWSL – The Dash.

If you’re looking for the nightlife, Houston is the place to be. Unlike surrounding small town cities, facilities are – open late and offer a wide variety of things to do for all age ranges.


It gets extremely hot and humid in Houston’s summer months. If at all possible, schedule your move outside of the summer months. However, sometimes you don’t have control of when you can move. If this is the case, take advantage of Moving Help® for extra assistance. When it comes to storing your goods, humidity is not your friend.  Fear not: there’s always climate controlled storage to keep your items in tip-top shape. Winters in Houston are on the mild side. If you’re coming from brutal winters where snow boots and jackets were a necessity, consider storage in Houston. In addition, be aware that you can experience both hurricanes and tornadoes in Houston. Pay attention to your local weather stations.

Money, Jobs, and Housing

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the 5th largest in the United States. The city is also considered the energy capital of Texas where many gas, oil, and other Fortune 500 companies call home. If the reasons you’re moving to Houston is not for work, you won’t have trouble finding work.

Houston is an affordable place to live – the housing market is steady and you’ll get more bang for your buck versus somewhere like California where you’d get something smaller for the same price. If work is in downtown Houston, the areas of Midtown or Montrose will be great for professional living quarters with a quick commute. Alternatively, families looking to settle in suburbia, head to West University Place, Linkwood or Bellaire.

If that’s not reason enough for moving to Houston, know that there is no personal state income tax! (I’ll give you a moment to rejoice!) If you’re ready to get moving, here’s where you can find more information about moving truck rental in Houston.

For more tips on moving to H-Town, watch the video below from the President of U-Haul of Houston: