Using Portable Storage for a Military Move

As a son of a veteran and being a vet myself, I know that moving in the military can be very challenging. Active duty military families have to move once every 3 years on average. Here are some tips to make both your stateside and overseas military move more enjoyable!

Portable Storage for Military Move

Stateside Military Move

Moving stateside in the military can really be fun! I can remember getting my orders to my first duty station in North Carolina, and how excited I was to have a fresh start in meeting new people and making new friends. I was single at the time, so my move was pretty easy. However, if you are moving a family and/or pets across country, the process is a little more difficult. Besides the move itself, finding housing on- or off-base is always an issue for families no matter what branch you are in.

Keep these considerations in mind for your stateside military move:

  • There might be a waiting list to move into temporary military housing
  • Most temporary living quarters are very small
  • Temporary living quarters often have very little storage space for your belongings

This is when using portable storage for your stateside military move comes in hand! Moving with portable storage, like U-Box containers, is unique because it allows you to store all of your things on-site without having to look for storage space.

Portable Storage for Military Move

Overseas Military Move

One of the perks of being in the military is being able to live in another country. I can remember my father sitting us down and telling us all he received orders to go to Aviano Air Base in Italy. Like most of you hearing the news for the first time, I was a little nervous but intrigued. I didn’t realize how different life would be until after we moved to Italy. Although the military installation did what they could to provide some comforts from home, living overseas was a huge culture shock. I had no cable television, no video games, and no music players. Using portable storage for your military move overseas would solve that problem by allowing you to send your items to your destination ahead of time!

Some of the things you might want to consider:

  • Starter kit – Think of the things you would need as a starter kit for your new home (clothes, dishware, linens, tools, etc)
  • Kids – Think of things your children could use to feel comfortable (toys, books, and other favorite items that remind them of home)
  • Electronics – Don’t forget entertainment items, such as TVs, computers and other devices

Make sure to check with customs to know what you can and what you can’t ship overseas before you move!

Have you used portable storage for your military move? Share your tips or stories below!