Changing the Dryer Power Cord

If you’ve recently moved and brought your own washer and dryer to your new home, than you may have encountered this issue. Who knew there were two different kinds power cords for dryers? And of course, as life’s coincidences would have it, you have the wrong one! No, this doesn’t mean you have to replace your dryer. It is very simple to change the power cord itself. All you need is to head to your nearest hardware store!

Your Options dryer power cords

The two kinds of power cords are three-pronged and four-pronged. Figure out which your new home requires and if you have the wrong one, head to your nearest hardware store. You may even be able to find it at your local superstore like Target or Walmart.

Changing the Cord

The only tools you are going to need are a screwdriver and a pair of pliers/wrench. Follow these steps and you will be enjoying dryer-fresh clothing in no time:

1. Remove the metal cover over the pronged end of the power cord using the pliers/wrench.

2. Using your screwdriver, remove the existing power cords.

3. Match the color of the new cords to the ones on the dryer.

4. Return the screws to their original position to secure the new cords.

5. Enjoy your clean and dry clothes!

step-by-step dryer power cord

Dryers can be heavy so if you are doing this alone, it might be helpful to rent an appliance dolly to move the dryer around.

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