Moving Day Pasta Salad

You’re all packed up and ready to move into your new home. Before loading your refrigerator in the moving truck, you’ll need to clean it out. Don’t let that food go to waste. Here’s a moving day recipe idea for all the refrigerated items you’re unable to take with you on your move. Grab your canned foods, leftover fridge items and the last of your food in the cupboard to put together this moving day pasta salad.

moving day pasta salad

The Pasta: Use all types of shapes and sizes of pasta and mix them together in a large bowl. This pasta can be dry or frozen. The point is to use anything and everything in your fridge and cupboards!

The Vegetables: Again, use whatever you have leftover in your fridge and mix them into your big pasta bowl. Chop up your vegetables, whether it be tomato, onions, fresh herbs, carrots, celery, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, and mushrooms. You can also use those last few pickles or olives in the jar!

Meat and Cheese: Add the leftover sandwich meat from your fridge too. Don’t forget to dice or cut up some cheese for your pasta salad. Grated or shredded cheese works well in this case. Thaw whatever meats you have, cook it, cut it up and throw it into the mix also.

Canned Ingredients: Adding canned foods such as canned beans is good for fiber.
moving day pasta salad

The Dressing: Try to stick to one flavor profile. Mixing salad dressings such as balsamic and Italian will give you a rich flavor. For sweet dressings, use the last of the orange juice or fruit vinaigrette and maybe even a couple squeezes of lemon juice.  Some people even use leftover take-out soy sauce packets for Asian salad dressing. Chop up leftover fruit such as apples and oranges to top off the moving day pasta salad!

There is no need to waste food when getting ready to move. Remember that meals can be made with very little ingredients. And if you are not the one eating the leftover food in the fridge, prepare something for your moving helpers. This salad usually tastes better the next day!

Do you have any moving day recipes? Share with us below!