Choosing the Right Trailer for Landscaping

Jun 14, 2014

Summer is here and the heat is on! Along with rising temperatures and longer days, summer brings all sorts of opportunities. For some…summer is the time to relax and play, and for others summer is a great time to finally accomplish those DIY projects you’ve always wanted to.

So, for all you do-it-yourselfers, if you don’t already have a special project in mind, as you float in your pool or lounge on the patio, porch or deck, take a look around at your landscaping and see if anything creative comes to mind.


Types of Projects

After doing some research myself on planting a flower garden in my backyard this summer, I came across several other DIY projects that certainly could spruce up any landscaping. Some of the more popular summer time projects (just to name a few) included:

• Adding landscape lights.
• Creating a unique walkway out of stone.
• Planting a garden.
• Adding a fountain.
• Building a deck or adding a patio.

Transporting Your Goods

And, while these all sound like great projects to tackle this summer, including my flower garden, I certainly know that I will not be able to fit all the landscaping materials need into my car so, I have decided to rent a trailer.

Trailers can be towed with almost any car, but first you must make sure you have a hitch installed on your vehicle. I currently do not have a hitch, and so I am planning on visiting my neighborhood U-Haul store to get help with selecting and installing the right hitch for my vehicle.

There are many options to choose from when renting a trailer. However, utility trailers are popular with do-it-yourselfers, as they are perfect for hauling landscape and project materials. Whether loading tall plants from the nursery, lawn equipment, plywood, stone for a walkway, wheelbarrows, dozens of flowers, mulch or all the makings of a water fountain, renting the perfect-size utility trailer will help make moving the materials to their destination a smooth, easy ride.

No matter which utility trailer you choose, always remember to load the trailer with at least 60 percent of the cargo weight in the front half of the trailer and 40 percent in the back half.

Loading Tips

• Place large materials in the front of the trailer.
• Pack purchased/gathered materials tightly and efficiently leaving no voids if possible.
• Distribute weight evenly from left to right in the trailer.2014-06-12_UtilityTrailers

Also, it is very important to secure your load with rope to avoid any damage being done to the purchased materials, your vehicle and/or someone else’s vehicle.

So whether you’re planning on planting a summer flower garden like I am or, have a much bigger project on your plate for the summer months ahead, remember utility trailers can serve as the perfect trailers for all your landscaping needs.

*Have you ever rented a utility trailer for a landscaping project? Please share your stories with us below.


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