Packing Planner: Packing the Bathroom

packing the bathroomMaking room for a  toothbrush and some towels may seem like an easy task, but there are more items to account for than you may realize. When packing for a move, many people often overlook the bathroom. Don’t make the mistake of assuming since this room smaller, that it will be an easier to pack.

The bathroom is best left as the last room to pack since you will use many of the items in the bathroom up until the day of your move. For a head start in packing the bathroom, clear out items you won’t need such as under-the-sink items, extra towels and bathroom decor. Be sure to leave some cleaning supplies to scrub down your bathroom before moving out.

The infographic on the left provides a couple more tips on packing the bathroom.

Basic Packing Essentials for the Bathroom:

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packing the bathroom

This Moving Supply Calculator will give you and estimate of what you may need when packing. Just plug in the details of your home (i.e. number of rooms) and the calculator will do the rest. It also provides you with locations near you that offer the moving supplies you’ll need. Don’t have time to pick up supplies? Have them shipped to you!

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