4th of July BBQ Ideas

4th of july bbq

With the 4th just a couple days away, now is the time to start planning and shopping for your 4th of July BBQ. Make sure those propane tanks are filled because a summer holiday means grilling is in order. You can liven up your burgers and brats this year by trying out different toppings. Give your burger a makeover with some topping ideas below:

1. Colby Jack cheese + sliced tomato + fried egg + baby spinach
2. Macaroni & cheese
3. American cheese + shredded barbecue pork + dill pickle slices or pickled okra
4. Barbecue sauce + cheddar cheese + applewood bacon + caramelized onions
5. Coleslaw + green onions tossed with Asian tasted sesame salad dressing + chopped cashews or peanuts (Sub or add crunchy chow mein noodles if you’re feeling adventurous!)
6. Chopped cucumber mixed with sour cream and dill weed = Mediterranean Burger
7. Marinara + mozzarella + basil
8. Guacamole + red onions + turkey bacon
9. Dill pickle spears + onion + tomato + a dash of celery salt
10. Buffalo sauce + crumbled blue cheese + diced celery
11. Baked beans + coleslaw + crunchy fried onions
12. Crushed BBQ chips + Monterey Jack or Jalapeno Jack
13. Fritos + chili + shredded colby jack cheese + jalapenos
14. Refried beans + queso fresco + pico de gallo
15. Chopped cooked bacon + diced tomato + lettuce + zesty flavored mayo
16. Grilled chopped pineapple + red onion + watercress + teriyaki BBQ sauce
17. Watermelon salsa with mint and cucumbers + mixed salad greens + heirloom tomatoes
18. Apple celery cranberry slaw + sauteed mushrooms + sharp cheddar cheese
19. Ginger cucumber relish + carrots + cilantro + romaine lettuce + tomato + teriyaki glaze
20. Avocado slices + alfalfa sprouts + black olives + capers + dijon mustard

For those with a competitive spirit, make it a contest – who can create the best topping? The possibilities are endless. Shredded or sliced cheese? Caramelized or raw onions?  Let your creativity run a little wild this year for the 4th of July (Remember to practice safe grilling with these tips).

What is the most outrageous topping you have seen on a burger? Let us know below! 

This post was written by Catherine S., food service manager who prides herself in creating new and exciting recipes!