#uhaulroadtrip Day 3: South Dakota and Wyoming

The third day on our #uhaulroadtrip and my co-traveler Sperry and myself have not killed each other yet. I consider that to be a good sign on a road trip. By the end of the day I think we could each visualize that home was now closer.

Where Did We Go?

UhaulRoadTrip Day 3

Just as we figured, there was a whole bunch of driving today. We got up and left Bowman, North Dakota and soon after left North Dakota entirely after having spent the last day and a half there. The land transitioned from the miles and miles of small hills and fields that we had been driving through for hours on the previous day. Interesting bluffs and buttes started showing up on the horizon to welcome us to South Dakota.

Our first real stop for the day was in Sturgis, SD, home of the famous Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. It was a nice town nestled in and surrounded by pine trees and hills. Main St. is full of mega-bars that were either closed entirely or mostly empty, but will spring to life for the rally in August. If you want to take your bikes out for the rally you will not be disappointed by the town or its surrounding scenery. Just one tip, if you think you might need to tow your bikes at least part of the time to get there, be sure to reserve your motorcycle trailer early.

From there we traveled to the infamous Deadwood, an iconic western town. It was surrounded by beautiful national forest land and was probably one of the prettiest parts of our trip so far. I enjoyed making our way through the Black Hills towards Mt. Rushmore. Mt. Rushmore itself was a site to finally behold in person for the first time. It seems so small, yet when you look at the trees for scale you realize the true scope. Did you know that Mt. Rushmore was one of the first graphics to go on the side of a U-Haul truck?

From there we made tracks into Wyoming which had much different yet equally stunning scenery. We decided to stop for the night when we hit Cheyenne. Cheyenne is an interesting place to visit. There are a bunch of classic roadside motels with neon signs. There is an old movie theater complete with its well lit marquee that is still showing movies.

Where Will We Go Next?

From Cheyenne we will be leaving Wyoming and going into Colorado. Denver should be our first stop followed by Colorado Springs. If we are lucky we will make it all the way to Santa Fe or Albuquerque, New Mexico  to stop for the night tonight.

Remember, if you see us to stop and say hello! We really enjoy talking with everyone and you can get a personal tour of our U-Haul Camper Trailer. If you share your photo, be sure to share it with us on Instagram using #uhaulroadtrip and you will be entered to win one of the U-Haul Camper shirts we are wearing. While you are there, be sure to follow @gouhaul on Instagram.

#uhaulroadtrip day 3

What are your favorite things to do and see in Colorado? Let us know in the comments below!