Transporting Beach Supplies

beach day
There is one place that attracts all types of people from adrenaline junkies to leisure lovers: the beach. Some choose to engage in vigorous water sports such as jet skiing or surfing and then there are those who enjoy lying under their beach tents and reading a book. Whatever type of beach goer you are, there will be days when you will need a way to transport beach supplies. Below are some examples of items that may need to be transported:

  • surfboards
  • beach tent
  • kayaks
  • water skis
  • beach chairs
  • water motorcycle
  • beach umbrellas

Most of the items above will not fit in the average car. There are a couple different options when transporting beach supplies.

transport beach supplies Invest in a Roof Rack

Roof racks will come in handy for the sporty type. Surfers may appreciate using a roof rack to bring their boards to the beach. Roof racks can also be used to move water skis, kayaks and other things of that nature. Be sure to tie down your equipment correctly to keep them secure during the drive.

Rent a Pickup Truck or Cargo Van

Pick up truck rentals come in many different sizes to fit your need. For items such as beach umbrellas, beach tents, and wakeboards, consider renting a pickup truck to transport the beach supplies. When using a pickup truck, remember to use tie-downs to secure your cargo in the bed of the truck. This will keep other drivers and yourself safe on the road. Cargo vans can also be used to move your beach equipment.

Tow Your Water Toys

If you plan on jet skiing or using water vehicles, towing may be the best option. Take your water toys to get hooked up by a towing professional before heading to the beach.

Are you a frequent beach goer? Tell us how you transport your beach supplies in the comments below!