Driving Cross-Country with a Camper Trailer

For generations summer has meant a time to vacation, and often this means hitting the road and exploring the open spaces and the myriad cities, towns, and attractions within. One of the best ways to do this is by towing a small camper trailer, allowing you a home away from home. With a few precious weeks of summer remaining, here are some tips to help keep you safe while getting the most enjoyment out of your road trip.

Tips for Driving Cross-Country with a Camper Trailer 1

  1. Ensure that your trailer is properly attached to your tow vehicle. Check these connections at every stop. You DO NOT want your trailer going off on its’ own adventure.
  2. Take smaller, non-major highways. Allow yourself a little extra time and be rewarded with a more scenic route, small towns full of roadside history, and the relaxed pace away from semi-trucks and speed demons.
  3. Tips for Driving Cross-Country with a Camper Trailer 7Check tires and wheels at every stop. As soon as you stop take a minute to walk around both vehicles, feeling the tires and the center of each wheel to see if any are unusually warm. If a tire is hot, check the air pressure. If the center of the wheel is hot, you may have a wheel bearing that needs attention and you should seek help from a roadside service provider or a nearby garage.
  4. Bring a basic set of tools. Even if you’re not particularly handy, you will run into some situation on the road that you can address if you have a few screwdrivers, an adjustable wrench, pliers, a hammer, various nuts and bolts, and some zip-ties. Trust me, you got this.
  5. Headlights on! This is becoming a redundant bit of advise as day-time running lights are becoming more and more common on new vehicles, but even manually throwing the switch over is a good idea to ensure you and your trailer have the best chance of being seen by other drivers.
  6. Spend a night in a motel. Even though you may be hauling a rolling palace of sorts, your body and soul will benefit from a hot shower and a restful night in a full-sized bed.
  7. See the sights. There are so many unbelievable natural and man-made attractions in nearly every corner of the world. Decide beforehand or be spontaneous and see a few key ones that interest you. These memories are truly the little moments and memories that make up an adventure and a life well-lived.

Have you been off adventuring this summer? Have any thoughts or additions to make? Please, feel free to comment below!