Moving at Night

Maybe it’s hot, maybe you can only find a loading spot in close proximity after hours. It’s understandable that in some cases, not every move can be planned. If you’re in a situation where you have to load your moving truck at night, take precaution. With a little extra precaution moving at night can be a breeze!

moving at nightLoading your Truck at Night

Lighting – do your best to make sure the area you’re working in is well lit. You might even think about picking up a few headlamps, if necessary. Make sure you turn the moving truck’s cargo or box part of the truck is lit! In U-Haul moving trucks, there is a button you can switch on to turn the cargo light on.

  • Clear paths– it’s already tough to see without the natural sunlight to help you. Make sure your path to and from the moving truck is cleared. Take extra care going up and down the truck ramp.

moving at nightDriving at Night

Driving at night, whether it’s in a moving truck or your own car, can wear your eyes out. Before any journey, no matter if it’s days or just a few hours, make sure you have slept properly. Death due to vehicle collisions is three times more likely to happen at night than during the day (National Safety Council). That means you need to be extra alert at night not only for your safety but also for the safety of others! If you become too tired to drive at any given time, stop at the nearest rest area for a little nap. Blasting music or drinking an extra energy drink is not the solution! Also, avoid taking medications that will make you drowsy while driving; instead focus on staying hydrated and eating healthy snacks.

Moving Help

If you want to avoid the whole night drive together you can hire Moving Help. Not only will they do the driving, but they will also load and unload all your stuff into your new home. If you just want assistance with big furniture, direct the Moving Helpers towards the whatever you need; they work based off of what you want!

Have you done a move at night? Do you have any tips for people thinking of doing a night move? Share with us in a comment below!