New Home Essentials

In the midst of moving, people often forget that there is an adjustment period when you arrive at your new home. This period can last a couple days to a couple weeks. Many people don’t unpack all of their belongings the first day they move in. Some leave boxes untouched for months. To prepare yourself for this adjustment period, there are a couple things everyone should add to their list of new home essentials:

1. Curtains

Many people don’t think about this item when moving and it usually gets lost in another one of their living room boxes. If your new home is in a place with extreme weather conditions, curtains should be added the priority list for things to have ready. Curtains serve to keep you warm or cool depending on where you are moving. It also provides privacy for your new home. Don’t forget to hang your shower curtains also! You will want a shower after a long day of moving.

2. Tools

Tools are a new home essential simply because once you start unpacking, you may want to start hanging up decor, assembling furniture etc. Make this easy on yourself by keeping tools handy or in the first box you unpack. We suggest tools such as a tape measure, nails, hammer and a screwdriver. Don’t forget your moving tools also (i.e. boxcutter, dolly)!

3. Cleaning Products

Although you are moving into a new home, this doesn’t guarantee it will come spotless. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for leftover dust or dirt. Also, when moving your belongings into your new home, there is a good chance things will get a little messy. Clorox wipes, paper towels or a broom can help you keep things tidy while unloading the truck and unpacking boxes.basic home essentials

4. Toiletries

This seems simple enough but many people forget to pack toiletries separate. Be sure to keep your toilet paper, toothbrush and bath towels handy. The bathroom is most likely going to be the first room in use during and after your move.

5. Flashlights and Light Bulbs

Having light bulbs at hand is always a good idea. You may need to replace a kitchen light, porch light etc. If possible, unpack lamps and other lighting fixtures first to make sure you have light when it gets dark. Don’t forget your flashlight in case you have issues with your electricity and power.

6. Phone Chargers and Batteries

Keeping your phone charged is a good idea on moving day. In cases such as setting up your internet, turning on the power and picking up supplies for the house, having a phone with internet access will be beneficial.

7. First Aid Kit

Safety first! Have a first aid kit ready for any minor injuries that may occur while unloading the moving truck and moving around boxes.

8. Blankets and Bedding

To ensure you get a good night’s rest at the end of the day, have your bedding available to set up. Remember: Don’t over work yourself the first day. Spread out the unpacking process. Be sure to unpack the new home essentials first.

Did we miss something on this list? Fill us in below.