Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Take A Box, Leave A Box

Reuse is the middle child in the reduce, reuse, recycle family, and is often out-shined by both its siblings. People should be aware that the three Rs are placed in order of effectiveness. Reduction should always be the first consideration, and while recycling normally gets all the hype, reusing is the better option. Reusing prevents the need for new items, eliminating waste before it has to be thrown away or recycled.reduce reuse recycle

U-Haul provides many opportunities for you to reuse during a moving adventure. In this series we will present just a few:

Take A Box, Leave A Box

We all know that strong, sturdy boxes are a must when moving. Everyone needs them, but once a move is complete the fate of those boxes should not be sitting on a curb or in a trash can. U-Haul boxes are built sturdy enough to be reused again and again. U-Haul started the Take A Box, Leave A Box program to encourage customers to pick up free used boxes, and then leave no-longer-needed used boxes for other customers. This program reduces the number of boxes that have to be manufactured and prevents still-strong used boxes from being sent to landfills. Anyone can pick up free used boxes or drop off the boxes they no longer need at any U-Haul owned store. Each box that is reused prevents a new box from entering the cycle.

Nearly one million boxes are reused each year through the Take A Box, Leave A Box program. Reusing available boxes means new box production is decreased, natural resources are preserved and carbon emissions associated with new box production are averted. Learn more here: Take A Box Leave A Box

We will talk about another way U-Haul encourages reuse in the next installment.

How are you playing a part in the green movement? Every act, small  or large, makes a difference. Let us know how you are helping in the comment section below!