Hosting an Epic End of Summer BBQ

Sep 5, 2014

Oh, where has the summer gone? The days are getting a tad bit shorter and the temperature is ever so slightly decreasing. BUT you still have a little more time to enjoy an end of Summer BBQ before it is officially Fall.  Check out some ideas below:


Be Prepared!

Hosting a party can get pretty expensive, but it doesn’t have to be!

  • Consider having a potluck. These are great because everyone can bring an item making it way easier on you as the host.
  • Use propane instead of charcoal. You can save money by using a propane grill each time you cook instead of buying charcoal every time you plan on using the grill.
  • From grilling food that’s in season to making your own drinks, there are so many budget friendly tips to host your epic end of summer BBQ!

Food, Food, Foodbbqgrilling_via_flickr_billscott

What’s a great party without great food? Summer is the best time to really put that grill to use and cook up some of your favorite BBQ recipes. Maybe this summer you didn’t get a chance to have your favorite grilled corn on the cob. Or maybe you missed out on some awesome shish kabobs.. Take this time to really enjoy all the foods you’ll miss when Summer finally sizzles out. You’ll also need to make sure your grill is ready for it’s last big celebration by making sure your propane tank it good to go. U-Haul makes is super easy to refill your tank making it way more convenient and way less expensive.

Safety First!

Burning+grill_via_kevsproreviewsHaving friends and family over is a must when hosting a BBQ and that is sure to include little ones and maybe even pets. Although grilling is the best option for a summer BBQ, be mindful that it is very important to be safe. These tips can teach you how to be safe around the grill:

    • Clean your grill thoroughly to prevent fat build-up (which causes larger flames)
  • Avoid wearing any loose clothing while grilling to prevent it from getting caught in the flame.


Do you have any of your own great BBQ ideas? Please share them in the comments below!


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