5 Cities to Watch the Seasons Change

Throw on a scarf, pick up your pumpkin spice latte and get ready to watch the leaves change color. It’s the first day of fall! If you don’t normally get to experience the changing of seasons, consider moving to a city that allows you to. Many people enjoy living in an area that receives all four distinct seasons. In the United States, these areas are generally in the Midwest but there are some coastal cities that are also have four distinct seasons. If you are a looking for a place where you can witness white winters and sunny summers, then consider moving to one of the cities below.

four distinct seasons1. Eugene, Oregon

Oregon’s fall foliage is a sight to see! Enjoy leafy pathways and numerous harvest festivals during this time of year. Living in the great state of Oregon is an outdoors-lover’s dream. It features 10 waterfall and numerous forested hiking trails. The weather here provides residents many options for things to do year-round. Four-season weather here doesn’t have to mean harsh conditions. Eugene, Oregon has become a popular moving destination because it is one of the few states that offers four distinct seasons while still allowing its residents to enjoy the outdoors all year long.

2. Indianapolis, Indiana

Art and music make up much of Indianapolis’ culture, especially during the fall season when there are plenty of festivals to attend. Once fall is over build a snowman in the winter and canoe Eagle creek in the summer. Indiana has a reputation of extremely cold winters but they’ve also provided residents with a futuristic solution! Indianapolis features a “skywalk” system to help people stay warm. The skywalk system connects several of hotels. the convention center and stadium downtown. This growing city is where you might want to spend your days if you’re a winter and summer person!

3. Cincinnati, Ohio

Fall in Cincinnati means vibrant hues and an abundance of family-friendly events. Head downtown and discover all the fun for you and your family! Also, Cincinnati’s distinct four seasons provides its residents with mild winters and warm summers. It is the perfect moving destination for those who don’t want to be blanketed in snow every winter but would still like to enjoy winter activities such as skiing. Keep in mind, there are occasional winter where snowfall is heavy. The average degrees here are 76 degrees in the summer and 31 degrees in the winter.

4. St. Louis, Missouri

After moving to St. Louis, Missouri, you are guaranteed moderate springs, sunny summers, milder winters and comfortable falls. Welcome in the start of fall with the crisp autumn air and be sure to check your local listings for fall events!  Enjoy the beautiful seasons by keeping a jacket on you. The weather here is difficult to accurately predict.  There is an old saying is St. Louis, ” If you don’t like the weather, wait 24 hours.” The weather here is diverse and can drop or rise 40 degrees within 24 hours.  The surprise is part of St. Louis’ charm!

5. Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada)

Winnipeg’s continental-type climate allows its residents to enjoy all four seasons. The city is surrounded by beautiful prairies and colorful foliage during the fall. Two main rivers meet in the center of the city. With blue skies and gorgeous natural scenery, residents enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. If strolling river promenades and picnicking beneath trees is your cup of tea. This is the city for you.

Keep in mind, there are many cities in the U.S. and Canada that have four distinct seasons. Don’t limit yourself to the five above! While living in a four-season city is beautiful, there are some precautions to take. Put your belongings in climate-controlled storage to protect them from humidity or frost.  Always look up the weather forecast for the day before embarking on your move. Bad weather can affect your move and your mood!

What four-season cities do you suggest people move to? Let us know in the comments below!