Packing and Moving Golf Gear

There’s more to packing and moving your golf gear than just putting them in a bag and driving them to your new home (pun intended). Organization and protection of your golf gear is essential to prevent the horror of opening your golf bag and seeing a club head separated from its shaft. Use the following tips to keep those precious clubs safe during your travels.


Organization and Protection With Golf Bags

It is suggested to keep your clubs concentrated in golf bags to prevent movement during your move. How  you place your golf clubs in your bag can be the deciding factor between ruining them or keeping them in pristine condition. Here are a few tips for organizing and protecting your golf clubs:

  • Keep the tallest club – the driver – in the middle of your bag. Keeping the other clubs around it will prevent any pressure from contacting the more vulnerable shaft.
  • Keeping all of the clubs in one area of the bag and as close as possible builds the strength of the clubs to prevent any of the clubs from breaking.
  • Cover the club heads with bubble wrap and tape. Another alternative is to wrap them with Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap. This will help maintain the shine of the heads by preventing dust and scratches from touching the surface. Proceed to cover them with a rain hood if your bag has one.
  • Lastly, place your organized and covered golf bag in a Sport Utility Box. This will prevent the bag from spilling over, which could potentially damage the clubs.

Sport Utility BoxOrganization and Protection Without Golf Bags

If you do not have a golf bag, yet still want to keep your golf clubs in mint condition, here are a few tricks you can use:

  • Bubble wrap the club heads AND the shafts to enclose the entire length of the club, or keep them wrapped with Mover’s Stretch Plastic Wrap.
  • Secure the bubble wrap along the club with tape.
  • If possible, use a towel or blanket to wrap around the clubs. You can never have too many soft layers surrounding the clubs!
  • Organize the clubs just as you would in a golf bag, and place the clubs in a Sport Utility Box for added protection.

Golf clubs are expensive to replace, and following these steps will maximize your chance of keeping your clubs safe and ultimately having a less stressful move.

Have you successfully packed and moved your golf gear? Share your success stories and tips in the comments below!