How to Transport Tailgate Items

tailgating supplies
Fall is here – which means it’s officially football season! What better way to start off any game day than with the best tailgate? From barbecues to corn holes, to chairs and tables, you’re going to need an efficient way to get all of your tailgating supplies to the game.   Whether you’re tailgating for a local high school, NCAA or an NFL game– remember to stay warm and use these tips to transport tailgate items there!

Rent a Pickup

Everyone knows that the secret to a great tailgate is a great truck. Traditionally, tailgates happen around the tailgate of a truck and then delicious game day food and drinks were added into the mix. If you don’t have a truck already, you can rent one the morning of the game. A pickup truck is big enough to get all of your game-day supplies there but small enough to park in any lot before the game. When the game is over, all you have to do is drive it back to the rental center and you’re done!

Rent a Sports Trailer

If you’re meeting up with friends at the tailgate or just need to get some refreshments there, consider renting a sports trailer. This is a smaller trailer that has an aerodynamic shape, making it very fuel-efficient and easy to tow behind any vehicle. Buy a couple of bags of ice and place them on top of your drinks in the trailer. You’ll be game day-ready in an hour!

Need more space?Tailgating supplies

If you’re the team’s biggest fan, you might need more space than a pickup or trailer. You can even purchase a used U-Haul truck and refurbish it to your team’s colors. Buy buying a truck this way, you can choose from multiple sizes of trucks and get a great deal on other U-Haul supplies. You can fit couches, televisions, a coffee table, chairs, a full propane barbecue, and other supplies in your truck and make for the best and biggest tailgate in the lot.

These means should have you ready and set to go for any sized tailgate! To show off more team pride, top of your hitch with a hitch cover and check out other gear to get you in the game day spirit. Lastly, make sure you have all the grilling supplies you need to be the ultimate game day grill master.

Do you have any tips to getting all your tailgate items to the game? Share your thoughts in the comments below!