Using a Truck Ramp to Load and Unload

using a truck ramp to load and unload

Truck ramps are created to make your move easier. Of course, not all trucks are created equally. U-Haul moving trucks with a lower deck height have E-Z Load Ramps® that are shorter, wider and more rigid making it  50% easier to use than other competitors’ trucks. Here are some tips for using a truck ramp to load and unload.

First things first

Choose what will be best to wear for the move. Click here for ideas on what to wear on moving day. Park your moving truck in an area where you will have plenty of room to deploy the ramp.

Wheels make life easier

You don’t have to drag everything up the ramp; use your tools! Anything that has wheels will be ideal for loading or unloading smoothly. You can use a utility dolly to move simple items such as boxes and small appliances. A furniture dolly is essential when loading big objects such as pianos, dressers, chest freezers or anything that doesn’t exceed 1,000 pounds. Both of these tools have large, soft non-mar tires that will make it easy to maneuver up and down the ramp of your moving truck and will cut your moving time in half! And for that heavier awkward appliance you will need a U-Haul Appliance Dolly to do the trick. Once you are done loading or unloading, make sure that you securely stored the ramp back in its place before driving off.

Don’t be shy. Ask for help!Using a truck ramp to load and unload

Make your life easier and hire Moving Help® for the big day. We don’t doubt you can do it yourself but using Moving Help® can shave off a few extra hours from your move! For extra tips be sure to look at the ramp operating instructions on the decal in the cargo area of the truck.

Do you have some tips for using a truck ramp to load and unload? Share in the comments below!