Moving Supplies to Make Moving Easier

Moving can be hard. Packing up your whole life in a day or two comes with its fair share of bumps, bruises, and “Ow! My back!”  Packing up boxes is the easy part, but when you are staring down your 250 pound fridge, you may start rethinking this whole do-it-yourself move thing. But, no need to fear! These supplies can assist you to make moving easier:

Forearm Forklift

How many times have you heard, “Lift with your legs, not with your back”? Encouraging proper lifting technique, the Forearm Forklift is the perfect compliment to dollies and hand trucks. These straps take all the difficulty out of lifting andMoving Supplies that make moving easier make you look pretty buff in the meantime – all while saving your back!

  • Requires 66% less work to move objects
  • Support weight of 700 lbs
  • Resizes for almost any object or situation
  • Eliminates strain on lower back, encourages proper body mechanics

Tools To Make Moving EasierEZ Moves™ Furniture Slides

Whether it’s your trusted couch from the dorm days with the nacho cheese stain or your plush leather sectional that kept you comfy during all those Sunday football games, the last thing you want to do is scratch your tiles or hardwood floors.

Furniture slides allow one person to easily move heavy furniture and more across all surface floors easily and effortlessly. The thick, dense foam conforms to any items placed on it.

  • Great for moving appliances, sofas, entertainment centers, pianos, beds, bookcases, file cabinets, office furniture and more
  • There are slides for both Hard surfaces and carpet
  • Use the to easily move furniture on carpet.


Pots usually get left behind when most people move because the pots get so heavy and are so low to the ground that people think, ‘I don’t want to hurt my back bending down, low enough to securely grip the pot, then lift the heavy pot beginning from that super low starting point.’ QwikLift users don’t have to bend all the way down because QwikLift has straps that extend upwardly when grabbed by hand which allows its users to lift from approximately 25 inches higher than if lifting by hand alone. That higher lifting point gives the lifters leverage which makes the pot(s) you move seem much lighter.

What supplies have you used that have made moving easier for you? Share your experience in the comments section below!