How to deal with a last minute reservation change

Your moving boxes are packed, the driving route is set, your movers are confirmed and all that is left to do is pick up the moving truck. However, with just a moment’s notice, you are contacted and told your reservation has been changed! Alas, don’t panic if this type of situation occurs. Keep calm and our Ask The Experts will help guide you in how to deal with a last minute change as smooth as possible.

reserved moving truck
Hooray… It’s moving day!

Pick up location change

If your pick up location is changed, contact the scheduling team in charge to help determine the next closest pickup location in the area. The scheduling team is familiar with the moving area and will be the best office to speak with. They can locate another location that has your reserved size equipment available.

Rental equipment size substituted

If your reserved rental equipment is changed, the scheduling team will be able to help accommodate and find an alternative solution based on your reserved moving equipment. Keep in mind, U-Haul has the right to substitute equipment as long as it is of equal or greater size.

Pick up time change

Whether your pick up time is for early in the morning, afternoon or evening time, the scheduling office along with the pick up location will work with you directly to select the best alternate pick up time. It is possible for your piece of equipment to have broken down or returned late by a previous customer. The scheduling office will do the best they can to find equipment available when you need it, but you may have to pick up at a different location.

As much as we plan and try to avoid any hiccups, sometimes, things just come up.  The best thing to do in any reservation change situation is to remain in contact with your scheduling team. They are the best go-to team to help you find a solution when it comes to moving day. One thing you do not want to do is cancel your set reservation based on the changes and creating a new one. The reason being is once the reservation is canceled, the process to make any changes is complete. The reservations are on a first come, first serve basis and are handled in the order they are received.

If worst comes to worst and there is absolutely no alternative, not to worry. See how to modify or cancel a reservation to help with the process.

Have you ever had to deal with a last minute reservation change? What did you do to help with the process? Share in the comment section below.