How to Share your Moving Memories

moving memories

Moving means a big change is happening in your life. Maybe you are moving to college or away from college. Maybe you are moving into a bigger house because the family is growing or downsizing because the family has grown up! No matter the change, it is likely to be something that you want to share with your friends and family! So how do you do that? For most, moving isn’t the most fun, but you can have fun while doing it and create memories that last with some of these tips:

Take Pictures

You may not be in the mood to take snapshots during the move, but you will regret it later if you don’t. The little moments of watching your child try to help by putting a pillow in the truck or watching your two kids who usually fight, work together to move heavy furniture, are ones that you will want to treasure. Plus, people may not believe that the sibling rivalry took a break and they actually worked together so you might need proof!

Remember Details

Little moments from moving day are what make it special and so you are going to want to take note of them. These details are what is going to make the pictures mean more than just snapshots and people are going to want to know the stories behind a lot of them!

Do Something with it All

Once you have the pictures and the memories, you have the opportunity to make something special out of them. Create a scrapbook with the pictures and add notes about what was going on when you took the picture. It will be a source of laughs for your family for many years to come.

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How do you make sure you capture your moving memories? Let us know in the comments below?