What to Expect When Studying Abroad Part 2

Traveling overseas and living in a new place for a long time will teach you many things. Coming back home afterwards will take some adjusting. Here are some other things you should expect when studying abroad:

You will experience culture shock.

Whether you end up studying abroad in South Africa or England the cultural differences may surprise you. Remember to keep an open mind when going into another country; you will see the world from a different perspective and learn things about yourself. Don’t expect to have high-speed internet everywhere you go and definitely don’t expect to find a Starbucks everywhere you go.

Also expect reverse culture shock.

studying abroad When you come back, expect to feel a little funky at first. You finally adjusted to living abroad after a few months and now you have to adjust to your home again. No one will be able to really understand how amazing your experience was because they weren’t there for it. There won’t be enough words to describe your experience. At times you might even feel like you don’t belong among your friends anymore! When this happens it’s okay to reminisce a little and remember the good times you had with one of your international friends.

You will want to do it again.

There will be days when you miss playing soccer on the beach in South Africa or whatever special memory that you hold dear. You will miss your international friends and your inside jokes. You will miss that magical faraway place that you learned to call home after several months of living there. Don’t get too bummed about it. Just save up to visit one of your new international buddies again!

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Have you ever studied abroad? What are some tips you would give someone studying abroad for the first time? Tell us in the comments below!