4 Pictures You Need to Take on Moving Day

Sure, we can do without another Instagram post of a person taking a mirror pic at the gym, but what about the moments of our lives that are actually important? Pictures serve a vital purpose; they are proof that your are doing something, or you have done something. They also tell the stories of our lives. Use pictures to capture the moments that matter. Make your moving day announcement with them. Document your move and show the world that you did it, you are moving and starting a new chapter of your life. On moving day, take these 4 types of pictures to wow your followers:

The Classic Moving Truck Selfie

Millions of selfies are shared daily. What makes a selfie significant is where they are being taken and what your followers can see in the background. Start your move with a picture of your face with a moving truck inside the background. First time driving a moving truck? After you’ve arrived at your destination, get out and take a selfie with the truck in the background! And good job, you arrived safely.

selfie collage

Furry Friends

Your furry friends can join in on the excitement of moving day also. Snap a couple pictures of man’s best friend in the passenger seat or your feline friend sitting on moving boxes.

pictures on moving dayLittle Movers are Big Help!

Don’t forget your mini-movers. But you don’t need another reason to take a picture ofyour little ones right?little helpers

Think outside the box —  or in the box!

Set yourself apart from other movers with a creative moving day announcement photo. After taking your classic selfie, think outside the box for your next picture! Switch up the angle, change your pose or pick a different filter. Your move is s In this case, thinking inside the box isn’t such a bad idea.

out of the box

What types of moving day pictures did we miss? Let us know below! 

Send us your own moving day pictures at uhaulfamous.com and get a chance to be featured on the side of a U-Haul truck. You can also upload your pictures on Instagram using the #uhaulfamous. Who knew moving day could make you a star?