How To Choose The Right Packing Supplies

How To Choose The Right Packing Supplies
When preparing for a move, choosing the right packing supplies can be a bit difficult. There are many supplies at your disposal that work well with different products. The goal of this post is to clear up the functions of some of the most popular packing supplies.

Wrapping Paper vs. Bubblewrap

Both of these supplies serve to protect your glassware and other delicate items, but when should you use one over the other?How To Choose The Right Packing Supplies

Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper works great for stuffing products like vases and wrapping breakables. This wrapping paper conveniently comes in a pack of large sheets rather than a roll. When using wrapping paper keep in mind that it works best when protecting smaller breakables and in conjunction with other protective products like packing peanuts.


If you need to protect larger delicate items such as small electronics, envirobubble works best. Before boxing these items and setting them in a moving truck, you need to make sure they won’t break while in the box. You can do this by wrapping them in bubblewrap. This ensures that if it shifts in the box, it won’t break.

Movers Stretch Wrap vs. Furniture Pads

While both of these work as covers to protect from dust and scratches, they don’t both work at their best with the same products.How To Choose The Right Packing Supplies

Mover’s Stretch Wrap

Mover’s stretch wrap works best when binding or bundling things together and while the material has no adhesive, it does stick to itself. This makes it a great product for protecting upholstered furniture from dirt and dust. You can also use it to keep cords organized. Mover’s stretch wrap is very versatile and even after a move you will find great uses for it.

Furniture Pads

Like mover’s stretch wrap, furniture pads protect from dirt and dust. However, because furniture pads are thicker, they also protect from scratches and other damages. Use furniture pads to wrap appliances and secure these with tape. You can also use them to wrap any other pieces of furniture you want to protect. Once done with your move, you can wash the furniture pads and reuse them.

What packing supplies do you recommend most and why? Share below.