Moving Help Providers For Your Netflix Marathon

Nov 26, 2014

Moving Help for Your Netflix MarathonIf you want to have a truly epic Netflix marathon, then Moving Help Marketplace can help you kick it up a notch! Did you know that Moving Help Providers are great for more than just when you are moving? Here are some ideas for how you can use a helping hand to improve your binge watching.

Stock Up On Snacks

Start with the snacks. You can’t binge watch Netflix without having some drinks and snacks. Groceries can be heavy, and are a pain to unload especially when you don’t live on the ground floor. Who couldn’t use an extra hand taking their groceries up the stairs? Moving Help Providers can be there for you.

Bring You Some Drinks

And by some drinks I mean all the drinks. Why settle for having to get up every time you get thirsty? Instead, why not move the fridge next to your comfy chair or couch, that way you never have to get up! Moving Help Providers can do that for you.

Get Those Winter Blankets from Storage

You want to be nice and cozy on the couch. You remember those winter blankets that you boxed up and put in storage at the beginning of summer when it was starting to get really hot out? Well it is time to bring those back. While you are getting settled in, your Moving Help Provider can get that for you from your storage unit.

Moving Help NetflixMove the TV Closer

New and bigger televisions can be expensive, even with the help of black Friday sales. Don’t spend all of your money on something you don’t need. Hire a Moving Help Provider to move your TV and the furniture that it sits on a couple of feet closer to where you sit. Boom! Instantly larger picture. Alternatively they can move your couch, coffee table and side tables closer to the TV for the same great effect.

Relax a Little

But why stop with just moving the TV closer? Tonight you deserve some “me time.” Why not draw up a nice bath and pour yourself a drink from your now closer refrigerator. Your Moving Help Provider can bring move the TV into the bathroom so that you can keep watching. Just be sure that it isn’t too close to the bath tub! A TV falling into a bath would not end well for all parties concerned.

Put It All Back

Eventually you will run out of shows to watch, or you will need to go back and rejoin the world again. While this arrangement may be awesome for binge watching Orange is the New Black, it might not always be the best feng shui to have your refrigerator next to your couch. Simple, just schedule a Moving Help Provider for another hour and have them put everything back where it was. Except for the Doritos crumbs. You have to clean those up yourself.

Do you enjoy binge watching shows? What tips do you have? In what ways do you think having a Moving Help Provider could help take that marathon to the next level? Let us know in the comments below.


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