The Difference Between a One-Way Move & In-Town Move

As you plan your upcoming move, you are asked if it will be a one-way move or in-town move. If you’re a bit unsure of the answer, that’s okay! Our team of experts can be able to help make your move easier and help you determine which move you will be conducting.

One-Way & In-Town Move
Knowing the difference between a One-Way and In-Town Move will help determine the rental rates.

One-Way Move

Now if you’re doing a much bigger move whether it’s across town, state or even across the country, you’re in good hands. With a one-way move, the rate is a flat rate that will be determined by the truck size, point of origin, drop off location as well as the date of your move. The rate will also included the miles you are allotted plus the days to complete your move. In any case, if you happen to exceed the miles/kilometers given, you will be charged a small fee. If you exceed the number of days allowed, you will pay for each additional day as well.

In-Town Move

Most moves are done in-town, which means you pick up from one location and return to the exact location. When this type of move is being done, you are charged per mile. Now, the mileage/kilometer rates will vary depending on what city/state or city/province as well as the day of the week. Traditionally, rates are lower Sunday through Thursday. The rate for the actual moving trailer or truck will vary depending on the size.

Since you have more clear insight on the difference between the two, the packing process begins as well as everything that comes with moving. Don’t forget to snap a few photos during your move to capture a milestone as you begin the next chapter in your life’s journey by using #uhaulfamous!

Have you ever had a question about the difference between the two types of moves but did not know who to ask, who was your contact person? How were you able to determine the difference between the two? Post your comment in the comment section below.