6 Cities for Winter Sports

Dec 19, 2014

Winter is among us! Although it’s hard to imagine living in Phoenix, those of you outside of this desert city are probably starting to see snow and feel the frosty chill. The temperatures may not be ideal to everyone right now, but it is definitely the best time of year to take advantage of all your favorite winter sports and activities.

Keystone, ColoradoWinter Sports

With 3 mountains to choose from, Keystone allows you to choose one of your many favorite winter sports. Of course, you can ski and snowboard as you can most places, but what makes Keystone special is the range of alternative activities available to visitors. If during the summer you love to float around on an inner-tube, this may be the perfect winter trip for you – Keystone has snow tubing, where you are lifted to the top of the mountain in an inner-tube and get to ride your way down. You can even enjoy a horse-drawn carriage and have a snowy fairy tale.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

If you’re feeling like doing something a little different and more adventurous, try ice-climbing in Colorado Springs! Even during its cold winter weather, you can camp out and experience a completely different type of backpacking trip. You can enjoy one of the most popular winter sports, skiing, or choose to do a snowshoe hike. Regardless of your decision, you will have an adventure.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Cross-Country skiing is available in some places of Glacier, but the real treat is snowshoeing and seeing the beautiful scenery available. How many chances in your life do you get to visit a real glacier? Trails range in length so regardless of your skill level, you can get some fresh air and exercise hiking one of the most extraordinary winter escapes.

Winter SportsNew York City, New York

When winter hits and the snow falls, New York transforms. If you have kids, NYC offers some great snow-tubing locations that are family friendly. Of course, you can always still visit Broadway for one of your favorite plays or enjoy a nice museum in the area, but you can do that any day in New York! Now you can try out some snow sports like ice fishing or snowboarding… then maybe go to the theater afterward.

 Sturgeon Bay Door County, Wisconsin

Home to five state parks, Door County is a prime location for a wide range of activities. You could try your hand at cr0ss-country skiing or racing around on a snow-mobile. Despite the snowy terrain, Door County still encourages taking advantage of its hiking trails, you just might want to pack a pair of snowshoes. If you’ve ever been curious about ice fishing, this is definitely the place to go between its 8 locations. These lakes are not stable enough to ice skate, but there are 4 separate locations to enjoy that. I myself am impaired in regards to balance and patients, so you would definitely find me on one of the sledding hills available.

Winter Sports

Lake Nokomis Park Minneapolis, Minnesota

Mountain landscapes might not be your thing at all. In that case, pick up a pair of ice skates and glide around the beautifully frozen Lake Nokomis. Hopefully, you’re more graceful than I am because with an outdoor rink like this one you won’t have ledges to keep you up. Lake Nokomis is also home to the U.S. Pond Hockey Championships each January for you hockey lovers out there.

Whether you’re out of school for winter break and planning a trip with friends, going on a holiday vacation with your family, or are looking to move to a snowy location, these 6 cities will be your best friends this winter as you look for somewhere to enjoy some winter sports go on an excursion.

Have you visited any of these places? Do you have any other favorite winter sport locations? Share your stories in the comment section below!


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