Unconventional New Year’s Dinner Options

Traditionally through out the months of November and December you will find yourself eating plenty of turkey, red meat, and ham. While these are delicious meals, sometimes cooking a dish that is more appropriately served as finger food is fun and delicious! So, as you’re getting ready to ring in the New Year, keep in mind these unconventional New Year’s dinner options.

Grilled WingsUnconventional New Year's Dinner Options

Step out of the kitchen and into your backyard! If you have the option to grill, take advantage of it! Fill up your propane tank and fire up the grill for some grilled wings. You can make these with a dry rub and toss them on the grill or cook them naked and set out multiple sauces for your guests to use. It’s an easy way to please different taste pallets.


After Thanksgiving and Christmas I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed with heavy foods. Fish can make for a great meal because they are easily customizable and easy to cook. Use your favorite seasonings and cook it in your oven or grill to avoid using pan oils. I prefer to cook my fish on the grill as it gives the fish a nice crisp to it. Use the fish baskets for a easier cook. Remember to flip the fish as little as possible to not dry it. The right grilling tools can make this a breeze.

SlidersUnconventional New Year's Dinner Options

Those of you hosting a party should consider making some sliders for your guests as sometimes eating full meals at parties can be cumbersome. Having a variety of appetizers, like sliders, will allow for night long munching. Just be sure to keep that propane tank on hand and filled because you’ll be grilling quite a few of theses!

For even more holiday inspired recipes, you can always look to Pinterest!

What are your favorite unconventional New Year’s dinner options? Share your ideas below!