Moving Tips for College Students Transferring Schools

Transferring schools at the end of the fall semester can be a bit hectic. You likely only have a few weeks to do this and they happen to land in the middle of the holiday season or summer break. While you can stress about both moving and visiting family, I recommend you deal only with the latter. Follow these easy tips, and you’ll find yourself worrying only about those pesky questions your family loves to ask instead of worrying about moving.

1.Begin Packing Early

With your busy schedule, you might feel tempted to put off packing. Don’t! The best thing you can do is begin to pack early on. Gather your less used items and box them. As you near moving day, pack your more used items. Doing this will relieve any stress that comes from packing. Read up on these packing tips to better prepare.

Transferring Schools

2. Ship Boxes to Your New School

You can avoid struggling to move everything on your own by having it shipped to your new school. Just tell Collegeboxes what day to come to your room to collect your boxes and they will safely store them in a climate controlled storage until the day they deliver them to your new room. This process eliminates all of the moving stress and leaves you to only pack and unpack. It’s that easy!

This process works especially well for those students who are transferring to an international school or those who have a longer break in between moves.

3. Bringing a Car

If you want to bring your car with you to the new campus, you have a few of options: You can drive it there, tow it, or have it shipped. Depending on how far you’re transferring schools, it might more cost effective to leave your car behind.

For more college moving tips, visit or this Pinterest board!

For more tips visit your go- to source for college moving or this Pinterest board.

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