Does Towing a Trailer Affect Turning?

Whether it’s your first time moving with a trailer or your 20th time, the same rules still apply…slow down when trailering. Driving a car trailer combination is not the same as driving your car alone. You should always reduce your normal driving speed when towing. You will see that it’s posted on most highways and interstates that trailer combinations have a lower speed limit than cars by themselves. It is recommended that you never exceed 55 MPH when towing a trailer. Of course, if the speed limit or conditions require slower speeds, than by all means, keep it slower. But what about making turns, does towing a trailer affect turning?

Remember when moving with a trailer or car hauler, always reduce your driving speed.

Obviously, when you’re used to driving your personal vehicle, whether it’s a coupe, sedan, truck or SUV, attaching a trailer to your vehicle makes a major difference in length. Staying keenly aware of this extra length and allowing extra time, distance and space for all traffic maneuvers is ALWAYS the best advice when towing, whether it be passing, braking or turning.

Making turns

When making sharp turns or corners, your vehicle-trailer combination will require wider than normal turning radius to prevent the trailer from hitting or running over the curb. As you turn, drive slightly past your normal turning point then turn to the outside of the lane you are entering. Of course, it’s always best to have a little practice before hitting the open road.

More Driving tips while towing a trailer:

  •  Reduce your normal driving speed
  • Leave extra time and distance to react or brake to stop
  • Have plenty of time/distance when planning to pass another vehicle
  • Never pass on hills or curves
  • Load 60% of your cargo’s weight in the front of the trailer
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • Stay focused on your driving – eliminate distractions like your cell phone.

For more information on trailering, click here for tips or here for video tutorials!

Have you ever had to tow a moving trailer or car hauler? What did you do to make your moving experience easier? Share in the comments below.