Moving to Portland

Moving to Portland OregonMoving to Portland, Oregon can be quite tempting. I say this because I personally have been tempted by family members and friends to move to the Pacific Northwest. If you’re pondering a move or actually planning one, these moving tips can help:

Why Move to Portland

There are many reasons to Move to Portland. It is a city that is proud to be weird, as often pointed out in the show Portlandia. It is a city that is fighting to keep a local feel in the face of growth. It is a city that is home to beautiful scenery, great outdoor activities and interesting people. Portland has beautiful neighborhoods and a unique culture. We at Moving Insider named it the #1 hippest city to live in.

Where to Move

Portland is a city of quadrants and neighborhood. It is divided up into the North, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest. Here you can find a list of over 100 Portland neighborhoods, each offering a different style. Whichever part of Portland you end up moving to, you can be sure that it is covered by decent public transportation with the Trimet. The other thing to keep in mind is that the housing market is tight all over the city. If you see something you like, be sure to act quickly. Nice apartments and houses don’t last long before they are snatched up.

The Rain

I will bring it up now. Rain. There will be rain. For major US cities, Portland is usually ranked 3rd for amount of rainy days. Be prepared when you are moving for rain, regardless of time of year. Luckily most of the rain is more of a sense of wetness, rather than a downpour. Purchase a couple of extra tarps to cover your furniture when you are moving from the truck to your home. Spend your time beforehand getting prepared to move, so that when the moving truck is there you can take advantage of the dry times. Find more tips for moving in bad weather here.

When to Move

I personally asked some friends who live in Portland when is the best time to move there, the answer given was “now.” When asking a long time Oregon resident his answer revolved around the weather. He said, “Summer is the best time, but it’s difficult to know which weekend it falls on.”

Are you planning on moving to Portland? Do you already live there? What tips do you have? Let us know in the comments below.

Moving to Portland Oregon