Tips for Moving Heavy Items Upstairs

Jan 21, 2015

Moving a dresser upstairsAlmost everyone has lived in an upstairs apartment or bought a two story house at some point in their life. I have done both and have experienced the joy and pain of several moves in and out of these two. I have come up with some ideas and tips to help move those heavy items. As a side note: I now stay away from any “home” with the word stairs in the listing.

If you prefer the “high rise” living, here are some tips to get those large items up the stairs.

Dresser – Armoire – Chests

You’ve probably seen those blue blankets that you can rent? Those will be your best friend. My parents loved “real” furniture. You know the stuff that was made of solid wood – and weighed more than a car? When they moved into their two-story house we knew what had to be done. After we got the dresser off the truck, we placed it on a couple of those furniture pads on its top and slid it across the grass to the front door. Place the dresser on its top over the blankets and slide it upstairs or just carry it up if you choose.

Sofa and Love-seat

This is probably the hardest thing you will move today. Not because its the heaviest, but its the most awkward. Every sofa is unique so it’s best to measure it and see how it will fit. Every sofa is unique and moving it is probably going to take some muscle, so make sure you wear a back support as there will be some awkward bending and twisting to get the job done. Most couches do not have easy handles so plan how you are going to lift, flip, and twist the couch as it goes up the stairs. If needed I suggest getting a forearm forklift and wrap it around the couch and cinch it up to create some handles for you.

Mattress and Box Spring

Bonus: If your mattress does not have handles or you prefer to keep your mattress looking new and clean. Look to use some mattress bags. These will save your mattress and your back!

Get Help

If you’re still having trouble when it comes to planning or actually lifting these heavy items, you can always ask for help. You can hire professional Moving Helpers to assist you with the heavier items; let them handle those twists and turns for you!

Do you have any suggestions for moving these types of furniture? Tell me your ideas in the comments! 


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