Your Guide to the Best Moving Day Selfie

On average, how many selfies do you think are taken before just the right one is found? Five, ten? Guess higher! I read an article a few months ago that said the author took 40, yes 4-0!, selfies before selecting the perfect one. I have to admit, I’ve been guilty of taking more than a few shots myself before I’ve selected my favorite. USA Today says over 1 million selfies are taken DAILY! If you’ve been living under a rock- Oxford dictionary defines the term “selfie”for you here. Get your duck lips, sparrow lips, and whitest whites ready- here’s your guide to capturing the best moving day selfie:

The Classic SelfieWork the Classic

We all know what The Classic Selfie looks like- it’s all about you! You can choose to be serious, silly or sly. Take a tip from Tyra Banks: smizing is ALWAYS in style!

Before the Move

Be cheesy! If it’s a strategic shot in front of your home, moving truck or whatever- now is the time to take it! It might seem silly in the moment, but when you look back at your photos, trust me, it will be nice to reminisce on those memories.

On the Road AgainOn the Road Selfie

Caution: DO NOT take these photos en route or while your truck or vehicle are in motion! Grab the driver, or your co-pilot if you’re the driver, and snap a shot to document your travels together.

Have Fun With It

Be goofy! You know the shots you send to your best friend that capture your not-so-flattering side, intentionally? Some of the best selfies come out the best when you don’t take yourself too seriously.

Selfie StickExpand Your Reach

If you want the whole scene behind you in your shot- opt for the selfie stick! Whatever route you take when you snap your selfie, share it! You could become #uhaulfamous!

How do you like to take your moving day selfies? Share any tips or tricks with us in the comments section below!