Tips for Grilling Whole Fish

Grilling whole fish has many benefits.  The skeleton and skin keep softer fish from falling apart while grilling and the skin also locks in more flavor. For those who are a fan of crispy fish, when grilling whole fish the skin becomes crackly and crispy. Some people choose to remove skin after cooking, while others keep it on for more flavor. However you prefer your fish, remember these tips when grilling whole fish in mind:

grilling whole fish

Before grilling

Clean and oil your grill well.  Take your fish out of the fridge 20-30 minutes before grilling. Icy-cold fish tends also tends to stick. Pat fish down with paper towels to remove excess moisture.

To get the best flavor

Many people cut their fish and stuff the cavity with herbs. We suggest seasoning lightly with salt and pepper then adding lemon slices and rosemary figs inside. Some people like to marinate their fish before grilling. Don’t forget to scrape the marinade off before grilling to prevent fish sticking to the grill.

To grill correctly

Clean and scale your fish before putting it on the grill. Fish tend to cook quickly! Two-zone grilling will produce the best results. Keep one side of the grill hotter than the other. Start grilling on the hot side to crisp up the skin, then move to the cooler side to finish cooking the inside without grilling whole fishburning the skin of the fish. You want to get a nice char on your fish, but still cook in the inside without drying out the fish.

Use the right tools

Use a non-stick fish basket to avoid sticking and to flip fish without it falling apart. If you would rather not use a basket, invest in a fish spatula to turn the fish over gently. Remember, fish tends to stick to the grill. To avoid this, brush olive oil on your fish and also on the grill.

For more, these tips can help you when it comes to grilling fish fillet or check out the video below:

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