Funny Moving Day Pictures

Moving day is what you make of it. You can either go through the motions and get it over as quickly as possible or you can take a second to snap a couple of silly photos to remember a period of change in your life. These movers went with the latter and became U-Haul Famous by submitting these funny moving day pictures.

1. “Mom, am I smizing? Am I doing it?”funny moving pictures

2. “If you don’t move, they can’t see us.”funny moving pictures

3. “Thanks dad, definitely keeping the hat.”Photo_12879

4. “Is it too late to stand up?”Photo_12750

5. “Loving the new bib!”Photo_12806

6. “Not funny guys, get me down!”Photo_12600

 7. “Annnnnd pose!”Photo_12539

 8. “Just keeping it casual.”Photo_12229

 9. “This is casual right?”adafdaf

Do you think you can top these funny moving day pictures? Submit yours to or share them on Instagram using #uhaulfamous. Can’t week to see them!

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