Tips for Moving on Your Own

Feb 3, 2015

Tips for Moving on Your OwnWhatever the reason may be, you can’t always rely on others to help you move. But, don’t view moving on your own as an impossible task – prepare appropriately and you’ll complete your move with few to zero issues. Check out the following tips to help ease your moving day.

Pack early

Start this a couple of weeks before your moving day. This will allow you to go through your belongings and decide what you will and won’t be bringing. This is crucial because it gives you the chance to find out just how many and how heavy your boxes are.

As you’re packing set out a box for things to throw away and things to donate. If you decide to donate any of your gently used belongings, you can drop them off at Re-Use Centers inside U-Haul locations.

Get the right equipment

Moving on your own is made possible with the help of the right equipment. In order to pick up heavy furniture or boxes on your own, you’ll need to maximize your strength using dollies. Rent a utility dolly and a furniture dolly to easily move the heavy and bulky items.

Unless you can fit your entire life in your car, you should also rent a moving truck. The goal is to move everything in one drive and this is the only way to fit it all. Make sure to rent a moving truck that comes with a ramp for those dollies you’ll be using.

Tips for Moving on Your OwnProfessional help

If this all sounds like too much, keep in mind that you can hire help. Moving Help is a great tool, because it allows you pick from a number of local movers. You get to decide how many movers and for how long you’ll need their help.

What advice do you have for those completing a move on their own? Share in the comment section below.


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