What Fits in a Moving Box? [VIDEO]

As you prepare for your move, you’re going to have to decide how to best pack up all of your belonging. Thankfully, you don’t have to think about that too much because with the variety of moving box sizes, you can easily get boxed up and on your way.

Small Moving Box

Despite being “small”, this moving box can fit a large variety of items. Load up all your favorite movies, music albums, books, or even decorations like a vase! Of course you can’t fit anything too large in here, but feel free to get small kick-nacks, sheets, and tools out the way so you can focus on the more sizable items.

Large Moving Box

The large moving box is perfect for some of those “harder-to-pack items” with awkward shapes or sizes. This is the box to get for all of your board games, lampshades, stereo speakers, clothing, or even stuffed animals!

Extra-Large Moving Box

Need even more space for your move? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. For those extra-pesky moving items, the extra-large moving box is there to help. Fill up your moving box with pillows, comforters, stuffed animals, and other light-weight but bulky items.

*Whatever size moving box you choose, pack your items with care by filling extra space with packing peanuts and furniture pads and wrapping fragile items with bubble wrap. Secure your box after you’re finished packing by taping it shut.

Have you used any of these moving boxes before? What items did you pack in yours? Share your stories below!