Tips For Grilling Bacon


Roses are Red
Bacon is Bacon.

A wise man once said, “everything is better with bacon.” Well, maybe he wasn’t wise, but whoever said it knows his bacon. Everything from ice cream to filet mignon have been paired with bacon. There are many ways to cook bacon: the microwave, skillet, grill, or smoker too. My personal preference is to use the grill when cooking bacon. It’s fast and easy using the grill and it creates a great crispiness and flavor to your bacon.  Here are my tips to grilling bacon:

Bacon SliceTip #1

I could say “bacon is bacon” and it doesn’t matter what kind you buy, but if you want the best – use butcher cut bacon and let them know you are grilling the bacon. They will most likely provide you with a thicker cut than what you can buy on the shelf.

Tip #2

Cook your bacon using a propane grill. Make sure you have enough propane to cook your bacon, as you will use a low heat with a longer cook time (depending on your crispiness preference).

Tip #3

Keep the lid closed. This one is pretty synonymous with all grill cooking, but applies the same here. Try to only open the lid to flip the bacon over once you see the browning around the edges of your bacon. Probably 3-4 minutes per side of bacon.

Tip #4

This one is up to you – Using a grilling topper, grilling basket or plain aluminum foil. I have done all of these and taste little difference in the end product, but can reduce flare-ups and keeps your bacon on the grill.

Tip #5

Season your bacon! Yes, bacon is delicious enough on its own, but you can enhance the flavor with some simple shakes of your favorite seasoning. Personally, I flavor mine using cajun or pepper spice for a little heat. I also like using some garlic or a mixed (steak or pork) seasoning. Of course brown sugar is good depending what you are putting it on and if you like a little sweetness to your bacon.

At the end of the day, whatever you pair your bacon with it’s going to be better than before, because, you know – Bacon.

What is your favorite thing to pair with bacon? Tell me in the comments below