How to Load a Car Onto an Auto Transport [VIDEO]

Whether you’re moving your family car cross-country or you’re towing a project car, there are many instances when you may be required to load a car onto an auto transport. For your safety and the safety of those around you, it’s important that your car is properly loaded and secured.

The following video will show you a step-by-step demonstration on how to properly load a car onto a U-Haul Auto Transport. U-Haul’s Auto Transport rentals include all of the supplies necessary to secure your car. However, if your vehicle’s tires are too big for the straps that are included in the rental, you will need alternative tie-downs.


Before you attempt to load a car onto an auto transport, it’s important to verify that the towing vehicle has the capacity of towing both the auto transport and your car. You can verify the towing capacity online prior to completing the rental process. The online verification will require the year, make and model of  both the car you are towing as well as the car you want to tow with. The only other information you need to know is your towing vehicle’s hitch capacityQuick and easy, enter that into the online tool and you will instantly be told whether the combination is good to go.


For more moving related videos make sure to visit U-Haul’s YouTube page.

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