Grilling Vegetables

Grilling meat patties and hot dogs is old news. Nothing tastes better than grilled vegetables. Whether you’re a meat-lover or a veggie-aficionado, fill up that propane tank and consider grilling vegetables for your next meal. There are a couple ways to do this, explore some vegetable grilling options below:

grilling vegetables

Using a Grill Basket

For easy handling, many choose to use grill baskets when grilling vegetables. This works best when grilling a variety of small vegetables. The handle of the grill basket allows for easy maneuvering on the grill. It also ensures that the vegetables don’t stick to the grill.

Grilling in Foil

Using foil to grill is another popular method of grilling vegetables. When grilling with foil, add seasoning to your vegetables! Many people cut up their vegetables and add seasonings such as salt, pepper, lemon juice and butter before closing up the foil and placing it on the grill.

Spearing with Skewers for Kabobs

Skewers are used more often when grilling smaller pieces of smaller vegetables. We suggest using skewers to grill vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and mushrooms. You can also cut your bigger vegetable into smaller pieces and spear them. This method allows your vegetables to get those nice grill marks and create the perfect kabobs also. If you’re a fan of grill baskets, use kabob baskets for easy handling!

grilling vegetables

Placing Vegetables Directly on Grill

For vegetables such as bell peppers and corn, some people prefer to place them directly on the grill. Remember to flip these vegetables so that the head is distributed evenly. For perfect grill marks, don’t flip too often. Don’t forget to spray your grill and vegetables with oil to prevent sticking!

What are some ways you grill vegetables? Let us know in the comment section below!