Five Reasons Not to Move Back to Your Hometown

22990Have you ever heard the saying, “You can never go home again”? While you may have loved growing up in your hometown, renting a moving truck and heading back there as an adult is not always ideal. So can you really go home again? Yes, but it may not always be how you remembered it. Even though I loved where I grew up, below are my five reasons not to move back to your hometown.

1. Same old, same old

While you might be excited to unpack your moving boxes and return to a place you know like the back of your hand, your hometown may get boring once the “honeymoon stage” wears off. Since you already know all the sights and scenes of your hometown, there won’t be much excitement after a while.

2. All the reasons why you left are still there

Maybe your hometown was too small or there wasn’t much to do on Friday nights. After you have been away from your hometown for a while, you may forget some of the negatives about living there. While you may be emotionally prepared for your move, you may not have prepared yourself for those negatives to still be there when you move back.

3. You fall back into your high school crowd

High school is in the past, and you most likely have changed a lot from your days of rocking that backpack. Moving back to your hometown will bring the past back into the present. The people you left behind will be the ones you see at the grocery store or at the mall. If you loved your high school friends and are still close, that may be a good thing! If not, you may be in for a rough ride back in your hometown.

4. You’ll miss out on life experiences

As hard as it may be to leave your hometown, you are also presented with many opportunities you may not have had. Living somewhere other than where you grew up has many benefits. It gives you a new perspective and you gain life experience. It allows you to problem solve and find solutions on your own. You are able to meet different types of people and gain a cultural experience you may not have had in your hometown.

Why you shouldn't move back to your hometown

5. You will be going back to your comfort zone

The best part about living in a new place is that it forces you out of your comfort zone. Although at the time it may seem terrifying, you are forced to meet new people, experience new things and step out of your comfort zone. By moving back to your hometown, you may miss out on some of those challenges that will shape who you will become.


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